Открытка (плейкаст) «You're far away ...»

kiara22 , 12 мая 2012 года, 1:44

You're far away ... You're far away ...

You're far away ... And it seems at times,
What I'm hear your voice
And as soon as door my open,
Then i see you.
But all is not so ... I understand that.
And between us once again of the city ...
I You tight embrace,
Although not meet - I know, never ...
Let nothing be otherwise,
Let fate have each their own,
You for me, believe me, a lot of mean.
I all my soul feel you ...
Through the distance stretch my hand,
When on the heart becomes suddenly dark.
You're in this world has become my close friend,
It is a pity that the other simply is not given ...

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